Once again Staccabees passes muster with the most important testers: kids!
Check out this award in the categories of Dexterity, Family and Kids.

More Great Reviews

Four more STACCABEES reviews just hit the press in time for Hanukkah:

Product Photographs

Looking for high resolution product photographs of Staccabees?  We have posted a couple pictures to Flickr! 

Hanukkah Hunting

Another nice write up today came from Miami Munchkins.

Battle of the 'Bees

Emily Savage from the JWeekly Newspaper of Northern California wrote a great review of Staccabees.  Read it here.
The Jewish Exponent Newspaper just published a feature article on how STACCABEES came to be.
Another great review - this time on modernjewishmom.com!  
Check out our recent write up on coolmompicks.com! I'm thinking Staccabees, chocolate edition, should be our next variation...

Creative Stacs

Its not part of the official game - but you just can't keep kids from using the game pieces to create cool sculptures!  Here are a few - please email us a picture of your creative stac!


"Dreidel Dan" by Amy


The Staccabees couch.

The Staccabees Story

What is nerdier than an adult that plays dreidel? 
One who spends 10 years inventing a new dreidel game!

I've been working on developing a more exciting dreidel game on and off for about ten years - but Staccabees really started to take shape about three years ago when a friend heard about my crazy idea.  Bruce, my co-inventor (an aeronautical engineer by day) was the logic/math/game theory behind the game and I (an internet project manager by day and a sculptor by night) lead on the aesthetics and production.  Our families and friends played countless prototype games until finally about a year ago we arrived on Staccabees.

Unlike the traditional dreidel game, we love to play Staccabees over and over - any time of the year.  We hope you do too!

- Daniel