The Staccabees Story

What is nerdier than an adult that plays dreidel? 
One who spends 10 years inventing a new dreidel game!

I've been working on developing a more exciting dreidel game on and off for about ten years - but Staccabees really started to take shape about three years ago when a friend heard about my crazy idea.  Bruce, my co-inventor (an aeronautical engineer by day) was the logic/math/game theory behind the game and I (an internet project manager by day and a sculptor by night) lead on the aesthetics and production.  Our families and friends played countless prototype games until finally about a year ago we arrived on Staccabees.

Unlike the traditional dreidel game, we love to play Staccabees over and over - any time of the year.  We hope you do too!

- Daniel

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