What is Your Stacctitude?

You've got to have stacctitude™ to do well in this game! 

Your personal stacctitude™ is the number of cubes in your tallest STAC outside of a game.  What's yours?  Check out the current world record in the Universal Record Database and see if you can beat it.

You can also keep track of game stacctitude™.  Count the cubes in the stack during the game and your tallest game STAC is the game stacctitude™.  We have seen the game STAC get as high as 26 cubes.  If everyone is playing conservatively and all the cubes are aligned you can probably stack them even higher.

Send us a picture of your STAC - we would love to see!

Ken and Daria's game STAC.


Stacking practice at Har Zion.


The first personal stacctitude™ record in the Universal Record Database (urdb.org) was set by Rena Cohen of Gainesville, FL:  27 game pieces!

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